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Justin Brummel

Tuesday, 08 October 2013 20:34

Wonderhart hunting is truly a unique experience. I have only been Europe for only a year now and so far hunting in Hungary has been one of the best experiences in my time here by far.

From the beginning of the trip to the end it was a totally amazing time. Me being a new hunter this was the best way to start. The instruction on how to hunt and the traditions of Hungarian hunting show you how hunting is really about and for me what it is suppose to be. The skill and the patients of Tamas and Zoltan helped me achieve my first Roe buck and my first wild boar in no time at all. On top of the fact of Wonderharts staff skill in hunting, they are very hospitable and amazing hosts, making my time there even more of an example of what a trip is suppose to be.

Authentic Hungarian cuisine and refreshment are the icing on the cake to the whole time your with them. Food ranging from simple things like Hungarian goulash to delicious boar brains. My time with Wonderhart will always be remembered in my time in Hungary and in Europe as one of my best experiences. Forever marked by my roe buck mount that they gave me for my first roe buck and my first time ever hunting.

Thanks Wonderhart!

Justin Brummel


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