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Ben McGurk

Wednesday, 06 June 2012 23:00

Just back from a great two days in Hungary. Travelled to the South with Zoltan and Zoltan to shoot a Roebuck. We stayed at a very nice lodge, comfortable, great food and of course great drink! Had three hunts, an evening, the next morning and the following evening again.

During the first two hunts we saw lots of does and some bucks. Two shot opportunities on bucks but they were too young to taken and another buck but he was too jumpy for a safe shot. Last afternoon there was a big thunderstorm which then cleared into a beautiful evening. We went out and about and hour into the hunt there was my buck. About a 120 metre shot and down he went. The buck had very unusual antlers (uneven) of which the local guide said he hadn't seen in eight years. Just to top it off as the buck was honored by us in the Hungarian traditional way Zoltan noticed a rainbow behind us. He called it the "Rainbow Buck". What an evening.

Great people, great countryside and great hunting. All I can say.

Ben McGurk


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