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Adrian Bott

Tuesday, 06 March 2012 23:00

"Dear Tamas

I have many wonderful and. enduring memories of my boar hunting trip to Hungary..

The estate, in the heart of the rural, agricultural part of southern Hungary, is set in beautiful rolling countryside, with spectacular views from the many vantage points - open fields and dense woodland.

We received a warm welcome at the estate lodge, and enjoyed comfortable accommodation and first-class traditional Hungarian meals, which were delicious. A tour round the estate in 4x4s showed a very significant amount of game, particularly boar, in all the various areas - roe deer, red deer and mouflon as well.

The estate is very well organised, offering everything from driven boar (on foot or from one of the many raised butts) to stalking.

For my first boar hunt, following some instruction with the rifle supplied from the professional guide, we went out late afternoon and took up position in a raised butt on the edge of a wood. Waiting in silence as dusk fell, after half an hour or so a boar appeared, hesitated and checked carefully. Hold your breath, squeeze trigger gently, an incredibly loud bang shattering the silence and I thought I'd missed - the boar ran straight into the wood. We followed urgently on foot and found the quarry dead only a few metres in.

On return to the lodge, a memorable ceremony ensued, to properly honour the kill in the traditional Hungarian way. A celebratory dinner followed, with some very powerful but delicious local spirits to round off an unforgettable trip.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this as an excellent destination for boar and deer hunting and would certainly go back!"



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