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Hungary is the No 1 destination for bow hunting. Our country has the one of the best wild life management system which gives you the best chance for a successful hunt, no matter if you are in a closed estate or in open woodland.

We can offer you several hunting methods from stalking to tree-stand and provide you excellent experiences. Our professional game keepers will guide you ad help you on your trip, so you have the best chance to shoot your trophy.

All areas have very high population of Red Deer, Roe Deer, Fallow Deer or Wild Boar which gives you good game any season in the year.

The hunting seasons for the five big game animal species:
  • Red Deer: 1st September to 31st January
  • Fallow Deer: 1st October to 31st January
  • Roe Deer: 15th April to 30th September
  • Muflon: 1st September to 28th February
  • Wild Boar: all year



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